Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario I moved to Vancouver to pursue studies in Film and Art History at the University of British Columbia.  After my studies I hit the ground running and entered the local film industry. I have been working in the film industry for over eight years now and my experience has been an extremely diverse blessing including feature films, low-budget indie films, TV series, music videos, TV commercials and photo shoots.  They have allowed me the pleasure of being an integral part of planning productions in places such as Whitehorse, Dawson City, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Cheng Du, and London.  In my time between film projects I immerse myself in my passion; my art work.

For a number of years I operated an artist-cleared art-rental company servicing low-budget films in the Vancouver Lower-Mainland with custom art work.  However, with the need to follow my own stylistic passions I disbanded this company to focus on strengthening and building my skill with oil-pastels. I hope you enjoy my work!


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